March 12, 2000

Hot Water Heater Recall

Most Montpelier Hills homes were built before August 1993, but this recall may still affect any replacement water heaters
purchased during the recall period of August 1993 - September 1999, according available information below:

FROM Montpelier MD e-mail list -  March 12, 2000

Recall on water heaters to fix defective tubes

State Attorney Gen. J. Joseph Curran Jr. has alerted Maryland consumers they are entitled to free repairs of water heaters after a class-action settlement.

The case established that a defective component called a "dip tube" may deteriorate, causing loss of hot water volume and pressure and the appearance of tiny white or gray particles in the hot water supply. The particles could damage other appliances that use hot water.

Consumers who had a water heater installed between August 1993 and September 1999 can find out if their heater is covered by the settlement by finding the serial number and manufacturer name on the heater and calling 1-800-329-0561. Or they can visit a website at the following address:

You must submit a request for reimbursement for repairs already made by June 30, 2000. You have until December 31, 2000, to request a dip tube replacement or to request repair of damages caused by a subject dip tube.

Affected brands are A. O. Smith Corp., American Water Heater Co., Bradford White Corp., Lochinvar Corp.,  Rheem Manufacturing Co., and State Industries Inc.