A resident passed on the following information about local contractors who
will install the replacement sprinkler heads. This information is from June 1999,
so services and prices may have changed.

MHHA and MH NEWS do NOT endorse these contractors, whom you should
independently evaluate before having them or anyone else do this work for you:

Grinnell (410) 381-1400 [Columbia, MD] Ask for Ms. Chris Reasbeck ($11 each)

Baltimore Sprinkler Co. (410) 987-2120 ($12/each or $10.50 if 3 homes are
done at the same time [network with your neighbors; MHHA is not coordinating

Miller Fire Protection (301) 736-3000 Ask for Shareen. Price varies with a
$200 minimum charge plus $10 each. They charge extra for cathedral ceilings
and all hard-to-get-to places.

Advance Fire Protection Services (301) 490-3775 $10/head if the work is
done during the week. Weekends are $15 per head.

Whether you use these services or any others, please share your experiences
with other Montpelier Hills residents by email to the MH-INTERACT email list at To join MH INTERACT use the free
JOIN form on this web site's home page or email