26 Dec 98

Polybutylene Replacement Eligibilities

The following is provided for information purposes only. Many, but not all homes in Montpelier Hills, have polybutylene (PB) plastic pipes in their "yard service" (water supply) line and/or as inside plumbing.

In August, 1995 a national class action settlement entitled homes like those in Montpelier Hills to file claims for free "replumb" (replacement) of burst polybutylene pipe for "2(a) 10 years after the date of installation(*) of the PB In-House Plumbing, for a mobile home and FOR ANY YARD SERVICE LINE, or 2(b) 16 years after the date of installation (but not later than January 31, 2009) for any PB In-House Plumbing containing metal insert fittings, when installed in a single family residence (e.g., a house, duplex, triplex, quadraplex, condominium, or townhouse...", and under other conditions listed in the Supplemental Notice, but generally not applicable to Montpelier Hills homes. (*) The "installation date" seems to correspond roughly to the home's first settlement date, subject to interpretation by the Consumer Plumbing Recovery Center.

The 10-year eligibility period for a free replumb for PB Yard-Service pipe breaks under provision 2(a) of the Supplemental Notice is beginning to expire for the earliest built homes in Montpelier Hills. Our homes seem to continue to be eligible for free replumb of In-House PB plumbing under provision 2(b). For official details contact the Consumer Plumbing Recovery Center 1-800-876-4698.